8. Network – WordPress favors networks and participation based sites and doesn't need uncommon information like exclusive programming and different instruments that web specialists may utilize.
9. Sharing capacity – Sharing is simpler than at any other time in the colossal WordPress people group. You have gadgets for the web-based media, modules, APIs and all that you have to associate your web-based media accounts with your site and offer your substance on different stages.
10. Open source – Open source programming is programming whose source code is accessible for alteration or upgrade by anybody. As open source programming, WordPress is being improved each day by a large number of designers around the globe.
This has pulled in designers to contribute new highlights to the stage. These engineers have made a surge of new modules that make WordPress more advantageous and valuable consistently.In the event that there is a usefulness that you requirement for your site, odds are there is a module in the WordPress catalog that can do it.Designers additionally work with visual specialists to make appealing topics, and a large number of these subjects are either free or valued seriously.
On account of the solid network of creative designers, WordPress sites can be as novel as the organizations that utilization them.
11. Responsive – This CMS is your most ideal decision on the off chance that you need your site to acclimate to the gadget it is gotten to from and give your guests a life-changing encounter, regardless of whether from cell phone, tablet or personal computer.
12. Usefulness – While most HTML web designers incorporate just fundamental usefulness, WordPress takes the idea to another level, offering subjects and modules that make it simple to redo your site and improve the client experience.
At the point when you pursue a WordPress site, there is no restriction to how you can use the assortment of modules and subjects. With a scope of current and contemporary topics, nearly everybody can fabricate a site for a business including:
Internet business
Retail organizations
Proficient blogger
Occupation postings
Private company
Online people group
13. Application programming interfaces (APIs) – Social media networks offer APIs, permitting the coordination of outsider administrations with client sites. WordPress makes accessible a large number of API's, giving you the opportunity to incorporate external assets into your site.
14. Adaptability – If you just need a quick stacking utilitarian site at the outset, things may change as your business develops and starts to flourish.Web engineers wherever will affirm that WordPress permits you to make your own site's organization, quick and simple, sparing time and assets.
15. Backing – The WordPress people group incorporates a great many specialists and volunteers giving free counsel and backing on different gatherings. You should simply post your inquiry and you will get your answer in a matter of moments.
16. Speed and productivity – As difficult to accept as it might appear, WordPress permits you to manufacture your site in as meager as a solitary day, just requiring pictures and substance.

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